Custom watch straps in Nice

Your custom strap

Your experience consists of coming with your watch, letting yourself be seduced by a skin, a style of made-to-measure watch strap (Classic, Bund, Racing, Double tour ...), a finishing color on the edge, a color for the thread...

Your watch will then take on a personal and unique style, giving it all its character.

You can also, of course, choose to keep its original style, and you will be sure to offer it the best in terms of comfort and durability.

Finally, you will be guided, among many customization possibilities, and we will be happy to accompany you throughout this creative and recreational experience.

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The VIGNES workshop and watch straps

The VIGNES workshop is a space for the creation and manufacture of bespoke watch straps in Nice.

Bertrand Vignes, after an experience in the John Lobb and Weston workshops, leatherworker since 1986, created in 2003, a leather workshop in Nice where the made-to-measure watch strap becomes a must in the world of watches, in Nice on the French Riviera.

Drawing on his experience and his passion for this splendid “tool to tell the time”, he magnifies it by offering to personalize it in a very large choice of skins and finishes.

Major watchmakers trust it and refer their customers to it in search of something exceptional for their watch.

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Know How

Our straps are made entirely by hand and entirely in leather, both for the lining and the core (inner structure that allows you to work on the profile of the strap).

Machine sewn, except for the bartack stitches, we use 100% polyester thread that won't break and keep its satiny appearance for the life of your bracelet.

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We will only keep the measurements of your watch, for the realization of the strap, however, some watches can be entrusted to us if necessary.

The repositioning of your original clasp is almost systematic unless you don't have a buckle.

The straps are made with the aim of perfecting the comfort and style of your watch.

The thickness and profile of the "strands" are defined according to the case, but also to your taste.

Our workshop also offers the manufacture of custom straps for your Apple Watch.

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Leather, Crocodile and other exotic skin bracelets

Our leather is mainly tanned in France, in tanneries that work for luxury houses; we can help ourselves in the overproductions of these houses, but also define ourselves as an eco-responsible company.

The quality of the leathers, their colors, their textures are the essential components of a luxury item, but the know-how of the craftsman is the secret of its success.


We have been fortunate to have worked with our partners for 35 years and this history gives us a wide choice among all the varieties of classic or exotic leathers.

We can offer you Crocodile, Alligator, Iguana, Stingray, Ostrich leather, but also Kudu, Baranil Calf, Aniline goatskin and this in finishes you've never seen!

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Bracelet styles

  • The CLASSIC Strap: 2 strands made according to the measurements of the case and the buckle.
  • The DOUBLE Strap: 2 strands, 1 of which goes around your wrist twice.
  • The BUND Strap: a leather tab is installed under the classic bracelet giving a Cuff style to your bracelet.
  • The NATO Strap: bracelet created in the 1960s at the request of the British army; a chic military style.
  • The RACING strap: openworked with more or less large and numerous holes (motorsport style).
  • The CREATION Strap: anything goes when it comes to customizing your bracelet, adding jewelry, topstitching, inlaid patterns, waxed patina, etc.
  • The iWATCH Strap: straps compatible with all Apple Watch models, a strap to show off your digital watch

Bracelet lengths

  • SMALL: 13/15 cm
  • MEDIUM: 16/19cm
  • LARGE: 20/23 cm

The dimensions expressed here are relative to your wrist circumference.

(The holes are made, to measure, according to the person wearing the watch, at the time of delivery and positioning of the bracelet on its case).

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