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Linen is the first textile material invented by man

Fragments of twisted and pigmented flax fibers dating back to 36,000 BC were found in a cave in the Caucasus in Georgia…

In Egypt, 3,000 years BC, it was developed for clothing. It was under Louis XIV that the terms "Linen" and "Lingerie" appeared... With the appearance of cotton, it was put aside... It was in the 20th century that it was revived by Flemish farmers. >

Today, grown in China, Africa and Russia, 80% of world production is made in Europe, including 60% in France. The cultivation of flax is ecological and produces no waste. Indeed, flax grows easily with natural resources and therefore without irrigation and very little addition of fertilizer. Growing flax requires 5 times fewer inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) than cotton.

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We have been developing a collection of linen bags for 20 years

A linen bag collection as ours is the result of the combined work of a large number of people; from the creation of the yarn, to the design in France, to the production of the products by our partner workshops in Madagascar, finally the finalization of the bag in our workshop in Nice. To give our bags resistance and good hold, the linen thread is waxed before being crocheted.

The colors, which change every year, are obtained by mixing 3 different colored threads, thus creating "a heather". The Malagasy artisan, rich in his multicultural and multiracial origins, has been able to take advantage of his exceptional environment as well as a profusion of rare and original natural materials in order to create objects of unique refinement.

The crochet technique applied to fibers is an essential component of this craft. The different stitches, whether simple or more advanced, are all performed by hand. It is slow and precise work requiring great dexterity and know-how passed down over several generations. The tension of the fiber, the creation of the stitch as well as its regularity give its shape and its homogeneity to the bag.

The result is pieces that are almost unique and can require several days or even weeks of work.

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